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A mood can control your every thought and action. My musical direction has always drawn on emotions to tell the stories. The deep-thinkers who seek less validation from others, but are not afraid to be vulnerable will appreciate my songs. In a black and white world; There is still so much grey area to cover interpersonally.


In the face of dealing with the social and domestic conflict attached to being a young father and supporting my brothers through their severe mental health battles, I have still continued to create with the ultimate goal of leaving a legacy without preaching.


Lyrically want to speak for the loners of society, the numb ones and any one who feels socially detached. I also want to inspire anyone who struggles with self belief.

In 2020 I will be releasing a number of projects. Follow me on social media for all the latest updates and exclusive content!

"My unreleased songs are about the pursuit of success, mental health, sex and relationships."

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